Scott has lived in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District his entire life where he has family and friends in every county in the district.

Scott is not a politician.  He has worked in business his entire life.  Like many of you, Scott was getting more and more frustrated with our representatives in Washington.  They had either lost touch with our realities or didn’t care. Each time Scott watched the news, listened to the radio or read the mail he felt more and more of our liberties were being taken away or sacrificed.

It was these frustrations and concerns for his kids future, and the future of our country, that drove Scott’s desire to run for congress.  He didn’t wait until Speaker Boehner resigned, he was willing to face the challenge of taking on a 26 year incumbent and Speaker of the House.  This was not about the convenience of an open congressional seat!  Scott announced his intent to run on August 15th 2015, long before Speaker Boehner resigned.

Scott’s parents instilled in him a great work ethic, moral values and the courage to stand up for what is right.  Scott’s entire career has been in roles dedicated to serving people.  Many times he was faced with the dilemma of supporting the people or reaping the personal rewards for achieving company goals.

Scott always made the right choice.  He always supported the people and in many cases found ways to do both, support the people and give the company what it needed.  He was never afraid to face personal and professional adversity to do the right thing.

  Testimonial from Marti Hissong

In my career with three large corporations, I had the opportunity to cross paths with Scott George multiple times. Scott always represented himself with professionalism and honesty and always lived by clear principles of treating others with respect and leading with integrity. Scott is an expert at rallying others to align on a strategy or a critical issue. I always wanted Scott on my team - not just because of his reputation, but because I loved his common sense approach and persuasive nature. When Scott felt strongly about something, there was no holding him back. I once saw Scott’s passion play out when he rallied the president of our function to align on a major business strategy. Although Scott and I had a very different reporting hierarchy, and we worked in different functions, Scott jumped into my battle as an ally because of his appetite for doing what is right. He stood up against some very powerful forces to make the right thing happen.  His actions had nothing to do with advancing his personal career but had everything to do with what was right for the employees and the function. As a result of his courage and passion, he secured dozens of jobs and did what was right for the customer; employees were positively touched and careers positively impacted. The most impressive piece of this was that it was not Scott’s job to take this on. Scott stepped in because he did not like what he saw. The outcome would not have impacted his job one way or another. He spent hours (not in his job description) doing ground work, researching and aligning with top leadership to ensure the right thing was done. Scott is not afraid to take on additional responsibility or work when there is something he believes strongly in. Time after time I have seen Scott demonstrate courage, trust and great work ethics.  Scott is someone to watch closely as he plays out his life in politics. He will always have my vote.